Aerial Force body conditioning class.

Maximal Strength Training & Core Power.

Balance all the components of your strength and find athletic finesse through total body engagement. This class provides an alternative method of fitness training, great for those looking for functional body strength and a variation or step-up from conventional the conventional gym routine. It’s perfect for Pole Fitness fans looking to improve strength and achieve increasingly advanced syllabus moves. We can cater to all levels, come and join us in this revolutionary and seriously improve your body’s capabilities!

Find some inspiration and check out some of our advanced moves with this video!

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We work together and create a supportive atmosphere, we help each other learn – whatever level you are at and we place importance on spotting each other to promote a safe learning environment. We all share enthusiasm for pole and aerial sport and we warmly welcome all newcomers to our classes and all continue to make many more friends as our team grows.

Pole, rings, bars, balls, suspension training, floor work -anything that is a little away from the norm – for us is about fun and fitness.  We thrive on the unlimited possibilities for athletic moves and combinations.  Our classes will improve your strength and flexibility as well as helping you to lose any unwanted weight.

You can start as a complete beginner, even if you have never done any form of exercise or have ‘two left feet’, we have something for everyone.  We are constantly adding to and developing our already extensive syllabus of moves and combinations in order to provide stimulating classes.

Ideally you will need some shorts for good grip, however, if you prefer to wear longer trousers at first please feel free if you feel more comfortable.  Any top is fine, however, some of the more advanced moves do require you to use certain parts of the upper body for grip so a vest might be a good idea.  Bare feet or trainers for aerial force are advised.
Tip: Avoid moisturiser on the hands and legs that day!  Moisturising, even in the morning on the day of class can cause oily skin and significantly decrease your ability to grip the pole, try to wash your hands at the start of class to remove any oil or grease on the skin.

Pole Fitness Introduction Video!


What our Clients Say

I suffer from depression and anxiety but have slowly started coming out of my shell thanks to pole.
Katy Hallam, Pole Student



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