Body Synergy Graded Examinations:
The Body Synergy graded syllabus examinations aim to provide a means of measuring the technical execution and presentation of the required skills, offering a progressive measurement of attainment against specific criteria in Pole Fitness.   The syllabus offers instruction towards the achievement of such, whilst developing an understanding of safe practice.

Syllabus aims:
The syllabus aims to challenge and inspire students technically, physically and artistically, whilst encouraging discipline, confidence and self-awareness. It develops creative interpretation and enhances social interaction through the support of others in their learning.


For each skill, the student will be required to demonstrate technical acquisition comprising of dynamic control, co-ordination, poise and understanding of the relevant vocabulary. The assessor will be looking for presentation skills including awareness of line, the aesthetics of form, and expressive performance according to the student’s physical capabilities.

There is a small examination fee which is designed to cover instructor hire and assessment time, report preparation and examination award materials.

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I suffer from depression and anxiety but have slowly started coming out of my shell thanks to pole.
Katy Hallam, Pole Student



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